Spot Light – NuVegan Café

Photo Credit: NuVegan Cafe Facebook page

NuVegan Café (formerly known as Everlasting Life Café & Woodland’s Vegan Bistro) has been a favorite eatery of those who desire healthy and delicious food alternatives in the Washington DC area since 2009. Founded and owned by the husband and wife duo of Vernon C. & Lynn M. Woodland, who are as their bio states, committed to providing exceptional and nutritious meal options to everyone including vegans and non-vegans.

NuVegan Cafe founders / owners Vernon C. & Lynn M. Woodland

Their slogan of Where Nutrition meets Compassion is definitely reflected in tasty menu offerings such as their award winning macaroni & cheese, collard greens, cornbread and vegan fried chick’n. They also operate a food truck that travels throughout the DC area offering a mobile version of their vegan deliciousness.

Photo Credit: @NuVeganCafe via Instagram
Photo Credit: @NuVegan Cafe via Instagram

If you live in the DC area or plan on visiting, do your taste buds a favor and stop by NuVegan Café; you won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: NuVegan Cafe website

Check out NuVegan Café’s website and social media links for information on locations and more awarding winning food…


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