Social Media- Food Heaven Made Easy

Food Heaven Made Easy began as a way for friends, Wendy and Jess (Master Degree in Nutrition holders and registered dietitians) to share information about healthy living and nutrition, where the YouTube channel, “Food Heaven Show” was born.  The social media channel focused on, of course healthy eating and incorporates easy and cost-effective food choices and plant-based recipes.

Food Heaven Made Easy is a beautiful website and platform that focuses on creating a healthier life through changing your eating habits.
Photo Credit: Wendy and Jess, the ladies behind,

Wendy and Jess expanded their platform by offering a store, where you can find apparel and their Starter Kits, which are 30 Day plans to help you transition into a healthier life.  Also, in 2015 the BFFs  began The Food Heaven podcast, And let me not forget to mention their Wellness Retreat being held in Runaway Bay, Jamaica, W.I. ; May 26-30, 2016. Can you just imagine how fantastic this is going to be?

Visit to find a bounty of recipes that are sure to kick-start your journey to a healthier life.

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Photo Credit:

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