Why We Are Necessary

Because I am a “cook by proxy” on some days and a cooking enthusiast on others, I make it a point to peruse the magazine stands throughout stores in search of food magazines with amazing recipes for me to perhaps try. On a recent trip, I strolled down the aisle taking in the covers of popular chefs and television personalities that were indeed spectacular. However, what stood out to me as a black woman who discovered her joy in cooking later in life,  is that not one of those covers featured anyone who looked like me.

There had to be black chefs or home cooks for that matter, who were certainly worth being on the cover of any of the magazines I was viewing, right? Unfortunately, I already knew the answer as to why they were not. Most believe we are a community of people who only consume soul food and our faces actually representing the food of our ancestors, does not a successful magazine issue make…according to them.

Minutes after speaking to a dear friend about my frustration while standing in that aisle, a major brainstorming conversation began. A few hours later after a book store visit, searching for active social media accounts, dissecting You Tube channels and finally what to call this new endeavor, “Soul By The Spoonful” was born.

This blog’s purpose is to showcase talented cooks in our communities,  map this journey and shine the brightest light on those who are paving the way to not only healthier eating. But, a healthy life. After all we are not monolithic; we are varying souls… by the spoonful.

Photo Credit: SoulByTheSpoonful
Photo Credit: SoulByTheSpoonful

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