Recipe Gallery – The Curly Cashew

@thecurlycashew’s Vegan Bento Box tempura vegetables teriyaki tofu edamame sesame rice tamari dipping sauce Follow- @thecurlycashew on instagram and on her website coming soon

Social Media- Diary of an ExSloth

Giselle R. is the brilliant mind behind Diary of an ExSloth found at She began her blog in 2013 to track her weight lost journey. Since then she has been spotlighted on Buzzfeed, Savory Style and FitFluential just to name a few. Her blog is full of great recipes, where the photography is breath-taking….

Recipe Gallery- @Veganesse.cuisine

  Vegetable Pho via @veganese.cuisine Rice noodles Bean sprouts Carrots Jalapeno Green Pepper Basil Onions Celery Tofu Various spices to taste Vegetable or Ginger Broth Follow @veganesse.cuisine on instagram for more amazing dishes

Why We Are Necessary

Because I am a “cook by proxy” on some days and a cooking enthusiast on others, I make it a point to peruse the magazine stands throughout stores in search of food magazines with amazing recipes for me to perhaps try. On a recent trip, I strolled down the aisle taking in the covers of…

On Social Media- Raw and Radiant

Ashley Chong is the amazing and encouraging force behind Beginning simply as a  weight lost desire to fit into a dress for her sister’s wedding has turned into a lifestyle change revolution. She has gained national attention  for her journey including being on the cover of People Magazine’s ” How They Did It- Half…

Spot Light – Mika Timpson Archer and I’ll Drink To That Mobile Juice Bar

Mika Timpson Archer, Creator and Owner of I’ll Drink to That-Fountain of Juice operates a mobile juice bar designed to educate and serve her community. When beginning I’ll Drink to That, her mission was to make wellness attainable wherever it’s needed due to the surrounding community being a food desert; an urban area in which it is difficult…